Create your own quizzes and share with your friends or the world.
Various company quizzes with awards.
Challenge yourself and play 2know.

The 2know app allows you to:

  • Create entertaining party games
  • Check how well your friends know you
  • Compare your knowledge to other people
  • Check how well your friends remember last night
  • Find fun ways of using the app in your own way


User games

Create your own quizzes and share with your friends. Join quizzes 
which your friends have shared with you. Great way to make party games like pubquiz.

With the app you can play diverse games that are connected with
specific categories. Create a quiz that reflects your hobby, share with the world
and see who performs best.

Login here and make your own questions.

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Award quizzes

Take part in simple quizzes that give you the chance to win various prizes. Companies create games that are available in a specific timeframe and everybody can participate.

The quizzes can be easy yes/no questions or more challenging ones. The company, that makes the quiz, decides what the prize is and how many will get the prize. The winners will receive notification and a code which they use to claim the prize.

  • You answer a few questions
  • You see how well you performed
  • The winner is announced when the game is over
  • The winners will receive verification code which can be used to claim the prize


Register your company

2know company games allows companies to offer award games in a simple way:

  • Companies create games on 2knows home page
  • Users get "push" about the game in their phone and play
  • When the game is finished, the award winner is then picked in a simple way and receives a code to claim the prize.

This kind of form allows for a great marketing potential, because companies can choose when they  want to advertise themselves by deciding the game's schedule.

Companies are offered to run their own company games free of charge in desember and januar.



Share and play

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