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Veistu is a software where teachers can, with a simple web interface, create assignments for their students which they solve in a fun way on a smartphone or a tablet. Quizzes can contain text, images and sounds

Students can also create their own quizzes in the app, with text, sounds and photos, and share with their fellow students. Teachers can easily manage the quizzes and monitor the results.


Teachers use a web interface to create assignments, assign them to students and monitor results. When assigning quizzes to students the teacher can customize how the assignment is rated and if the students get a predefined time to solve each question. Teachers can view results by subjects, classes and students.

Teachers can easily share their assignments with other teachers through a database in the software and can also quickly find new assignments to use for their students.

The user interface is very simple so new users are up and running in a few minutes time.

The development of 2Know School is supported by the Icelandic Research Fund.



The student app is available for both iOS and Android devices. Students can use tablets or smartphones to solve their assignments. When they log in they instantly get an overview of their unsolved assignments. When solving quizzes students get immediate feedback if they are answering correctly and if not what the right answer is. Students can solve quizzes again and again until they have mastered its content.

Students can use the app to make their own quizzes, using their device to take photos or to record sounds to use with their questions. When ready they can share their quizzes with their fellow students is a certain class.

Students can bundle quizzes, both from teachers and fellow students, into one large quiz which can be helpful when preparing for an exam.


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